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        Prom 2016 Accessories


        Every girl loves things that sparkle, especially when it comes to your jewelry for special occasions. If you have an upcoming dance, party or other formal event that requires you to look your very best, Unique Prom has all of the jewelry pieces that you’ll need to complete your look. Long necklaces, dangling earrings and rhinestone covered rings will help you to create a luxurious look inspired by your favorite styles, all without spending a fortune.
        If you love jewelry that provides bright pops of color, Unique Prom carries a wide variety of jewelry pieces that you’re sure to adore. Flower earrings covered with pale, painted pink or shimmering purple crystals are inspired by popular vintage floral costume jewelry pieces, but they’re available for prices that every girl can afford. Long necklaces with blue or green gemstones are perfect for summertime occasions, while antique-inspired necklaces with colorful Swarovski crystals look just like old family heirlooms.

        Browse Unique Prom’s entire vast selection of retro-inspired formal jewelry to create a look you love at a price you can actually afford. Each of our necklaces, rings and earrings are made to emulate the most iconic jewelry styles of decades past, but with a modern flair that will keep you perfectly on trend. Once you choose the perfect dress to wear to your special occasion, picking out matching jewelry is the fun part, darling!