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        Prom Hair Accessories & Headbands


        If you’re tired of your usual curling iron ‘do for special occasions and simply don’t know what to do with your unruly hair, Unique Prom has the perfect solution. Whether you’re going to the high school prom or an upcoming black tie affair, our selection of special occasion hair accessories will make you look like the chicest girl in the room. These ornate hair clips and headbands are made for pixie cuts to tumbling curls and every hairstyle in between, and they feature the vintage styles that you so admire. Shop our vast selection of affordable priced hair accessories and you’ll be amazed at what you discover.

        If you want to create a 1950s hairdo with a tight headband and voluminous waves behind it, Unique Prom has just the tools to do so. Our headbands are made of stretch black ribbon material that fits close to the head, keeping your bangs off of your face and each stray hair in its proper place. Ornate rhinestone decals line the headband to add a hint of sparkle, and they come in a number of different styles that match just about any prom or formal dress.

        For something even more extravagant, Unique Prom also carries 1920s inspired netted miniature hats and tulle veils. These small, sheer hair accessories clip to one side of the head and cover your eye with a thin layer of tulle, adding an air of mystery to your look. Many of these unique hairpieces even come with colorful flower decals to add a more feminine feel to your retro-inspired ensemble.

        Stop struggling to create an elaborate formal hairstyle and go with an iconic hairdo that’s worked for decades, darling. Unique Prom carries all of the special occasion hair accessories that you’ll need to create a retro hairstyle for your upcoming formal occasion, and they’re all available for affordable prices that you’re sure to love.