SALE! Blush 2012 Homecoming Dresses - Gathered Olive Strapless Prom Dress | Unique Prom
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      Blush 2012 Homecoming Dresses - Gathered Olive Strapless Prom Dress

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      9083 Blush 2012 Homecoming Dresses - Gathered Olive Strapless Prom Dress

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      This is an amazing new line, Blush Prom by Alexia. This is a fun and gorgeous dress! The bust is covered in beautiful silver beading. The waist gathers into beautiful rose accents creating a very eye catching look. Size 0: Bust 32”. Waist 25.5”. Hips 36”. Size 2: Bust 33”. Waist 26.5”. Hips 36 1/2”. Size 4: Bust 34”. Waist 27.5”. Hips 37 1/2”. Size 6: Bust 35”. Waist 28.5”. Hips 38 1/2”. Size 8: Bust 36”. Waist 29.5”. Hips 39 1/2”. Size 10: Bust 37”. Waist 30.5”. Hips 40 1/2”. SIZES 12 THRU 14 ARE A SPECIAL MADE TO ORDER SIZE. PLEASE ALLOW 8-12 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY AND AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE WILL APPLY.


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      Cristina Chiquillo

      03/30/2010 07:55 PM


      What I love about this dress is its style. It looks elegant but not too elegant just perfect. The roses that it has in the bottom of the dress make it look beautiful and i like how the pattern of roses is also shown in the back. The beads on top where the bust is at looks really nice very unique. One thing that bothered me is that it says it comes in the same style but different color the thing is that it doesn't show us a picture of how that actually looks. If you had a picture of how the dress looked in wild rose that would be perfect.

      Mercedes Quigley

      02/07/2010 05:19 PM


      This is a lovely prom dress and this is going to be an option for me. I love the rose pattern i just want to see it in another color.The look is unique and fabulous.

      Davideen Ewan

      12/18/2009 09:06 PM


      i love this dress. Its very elegant and sassy at the same time. I would wear this to one of my jamaican classy annual parties
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