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      Need to find the perfect homecoming dress to wear while dancing the night away? Debating between a short or casual homecoming dress? Maybe something in your favorite color? Black dresses, white dresses, or maybe even bright reds or pinks? And what about the details? Sequins, ruching, high-low hemlines, the possibilities are endless! Well, there's no need to fret your pretty face about it. Unique Prom carries a vast assortment of fabulous formal dresses in every color, style, and price to fit your personality, your body, and your budget. With flirty, tulle skirts, playful sequins and a multitude of your favorite colors, Unique Prom's homecoming dress collection has something for every girl to create lifelong memories in an unforgettable outfit.
      Sequins and chiffon go with homecoming like peas in a pod, and Unique Prom carries dresses that give a new take on this classic formal look. Not in the mood to get too decked out for the first dance of the year? We get that too! Unique Prom also has a great collection of comfortable, casual dresses for the girl who wants to wear something a little more simple to the dance. So whether you want to wear fancy sky-high heels or ballet flats, chucks, or sneakers with your homecoming dress, Unique Prom has every style of dress you could imagine to make your look happen. Whether it be short, long, something with an asymmetrical hemline, or perhaps a bold one shoulder style, Unique Prom's unbelievable selection of affordable and unique homecoming dresses is sure to have something for you.

      Here at Unique Prom, we know that looking amazing for your dance shouldn't cost a fortune. A dress for under $100? You'll find plenty here. As well as an amazing selection of cheap homecoming dresses that are only budget in their price, the quality is top tier. We also know you've got more important things to worry about than expensive shipping costs. If you spend $150 or more, your shipping is on us. Now the only thing left to do is to find your perfect homecoming dress! Happy hunting!