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        Baby Doll Dresses & Baby Doll Homecoming Dresses

        Baby Doll

        For the girl with a fun, feminine style that always feels fresh and youthful, Unique Prom offers a selection of baby doll homecoming dresses to help you create the perfect formal look. Instead of opting for a long, traditional gown for your upcoming homecoming dance, choose something with a bit more fun-loving personality when you wear a short and sassy baby doll dress. These unique dresses feature slim-fitting bodices with a variety of different styles of straps, high, cinched waists and very flared skirts that twirl around you as you shimmy across the dance floor. If this sounds just like what you have in mind for your big dance, shop Unique Prom’s entire collection of baby doll dresses to find the one that’s perfect for you.
        Go all out with your cute look with a baby doll dress in a soft shade of pastel pink, light blue or stark white. We carry a number of pastel shades just like these that will make you feel as pretty as can be, and with their satin and chiffon finishes they’ll help you to create a perfectly fresh look. Choose a baby doll homecoming dress in a soft color with bedazzled accents, a dusting of sequins or even elaborate beading to add even more flair to this sweet style.

        If you love the look of a baby doll dress but you want to add some pizazz with a deep, moody color, choose a jewel tone like deep, jade green, dark purple or rich red. Unique Prom offers baby doll homecoming dresses in all of these in-demand shades, and because these are some of this year’s most popular colors, they’re sure to keep you right on trend.

        Unique Prom also offers longer baby doll dresses that are a unique, modern take on the classic baby doll look. If you like this flattering shape but you’re looking for something that feels a bit more chic, these are the perfect options. From high-low frocks to long, floor-grazing skirts with that signature baby doll flare, you’ll find a number of lengths to choose from.