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        High Low Homecoming Dresses 2016

        High Low

        If you’re a true style maven and you’re looking for a way to really stand out in the sea of dresses come homecoming season, a trendy high-low homecoming dress might just be the way to go. This unique dress style features a skirt that is long in the back but gradually gets shorter in the front, showing off your great legs while still keeping you totally covered up. Whether you’re looking for a funky dress style or you just can’t decide between short and long hemlines, a high-low homecoming dress is a great choice that’s sure to turn some heads on the dance floor.
        Unique Prom offers a vast selection of high-low dresses in varying degrees of length difference. Some of our dresses feature very short skirts in the front with long, dramatic trains in the back, while other, subtler high-low dresses have a very gradual shift from long to short. No matter which style you prefer, you’ll find it in our beautiful selection.

        Many of Unique Prom’s high-low homecoming dresses let the skirt portion shine by keeping the top a bit simpler, and they often feature smooth bodices with classic spaghetti straps, sweetheart necklines or straight, strapless tops. If you’re looking for something with more glitz and glamour, however, you’ll also find options that feature bedazzled bodices decorated with sequins and beading or even incredibly textured skirts with rows upon rows of ruffled tulle from top to bottom.

        Browse Unique Prom’s entire selection of high-low homecoming dresses in sizes ranging from 0 to plus size, then choose one in simple, neutral colors, primary shades or even soft pastels for a feminine look. No matter your budget, we also offer high-low dresses at price points that any girl can afford.