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        Shop Prom Dresses by Style on Unique Prom

        Is choosing a prom dress color leaving you a little stumped? You love lavender but swoon at the sight of seafoam green? How’s a girl to choose? For all of you color lovers out there, Unique Prom offers a stunning array of prom dresses in gorgeous show stopping hues from vibrant rainbow brights to deep and sultry smoky tones. If you’ve already decided on a hue, shop Unique Prom prom dresses by color and it’s a snap! You’ll snag the perfect dress you’ve been dreaming about.
        Whether you’re on the hunt for old-school vintage dresses or modern, bizarre prom dresses, color crushing fashionistas will love Unique Prom's vast selection of dress styles in pink, green, blue, and even mixed print. If you’re ready to light up the dance floor this prom, get shopping and grab your favorite fruity hued frock before they’re gone! And if you spend $150 or more, you get free ground shipping. Who doesn’t love getting something for nothing?!