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Silver Prom Dresses, Silver Sequin Dresses, & Charcoal Grey Prom Dresses

Forget second place. The stunning silver prom dresses at Unique Prom are platinum status. These on-trend gowns stepped out of the stars, into your dreams and stopped in our stock room. Find the silver dress of your dreams for prom 2017.

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Be the silver belle of your prom this year. The shimmery color is a unique choice that will stand out from the crowd without being too loud. Details like pearls and beading really pop against a greyscale fabric, while varied lengths and styles keep things interesting. If you don’t love the over-the-top glitz, try other shades of grey from wispy fog to a rich charcoal for a more timeless look.

Accessorizing a silver prom dress is not as hard as it seems. Keep accessories to a minimum, and pair up your jewelry instead of wearing all pieces at the same time, even if they’re from a matching set. Wear a necklace and a cocktail ring, or a bracelet and bold drop earrings, or a necklace and bangle. Keep necklaces above the neckline of your dress so they don’t disappear in the shimmery silver. Shoes should be delicate and complementary like gunmetal grey, blue, or black.

Avoid warm, autumn-color accessories such as red, orange, yellow and brown. Black or silver nearly always works, as do diamonds and pearls. Cool colors like sapphire, turquoise and gunmetal complement the silver without either overpowering or getting lost in it. And for the very bold, may we suggest something hot pink?

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