2015 Designer Prom Dress Collections | Unique Prom
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        2015 Designer Prom Dress Collections - Unique Prom

        Looking for a fabulous designer prom dress without the not-so-fabulous designer price tag? No need to stress, Unique Prom has you covered! Our prom dress designers offer a vast assortment of chic designer prom dresses at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for that perfect vintage-inspired red and black beaded dress or something more sleek and modern, you’re sure to find a show-stopping dress at the right price.
        Your prom is an unforgettable, magical evening that requires the perfect dress of the highest quality possible. From the old Hollywood-inspired vintage prom dresses by Sue Wong to Nina Canacci’s trendy mermaid dresses, 2015 prom shopping is a cinch with Unique Prom. Plus with free ground shipping on orders over $150, it’s quick and easy to get that raspberry lipstick sequin prom dress you’ve been daydreaming about. No need to pinch yourself ladies, this elaborate designer dress selection and oh-so-low prices are to die for. So strap on those heels, grab your purse, and get shopping!