LM Fashions Prom Dress Collection by Mignon | Unique Prom
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      LM by Mignon

      LM by Mignon

      Prom season is just around the corner and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than glamorous! This year go glam with an unforgettable dress by LM Fashions. With elegant draping, soft and feminine colors, and edgy silhouettes LM Fashions prom dresses are your go to for glamor. Unique Prom carries all of LM Fashions most popular styles, from long and asymmetrical to short, classy cocktail dress and all at prices that you won’t find anywhere else.

      Stay fabulous this prom with an amazing LM Fashions dress. If you’re ready to hit the dance floor and show off your best assets a short and sexy cocktail dress is oh-so-perfect. Short dresses not your thing? Unique Prom also carries a stunning array of floor length LM Fashions gowns, perfect for unleashing your inner princess for the night.

      There’s so many reasons to fall in love with Unique Prom and LM Fashions this prom season: amazing selection, polished details, and wallet friendly prices. What’s even better is that when you spend $150 or more on your dress and shoes Unique Prom will ship your order for free! Prom dreams really can come true!