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        Low Back, Open Back, & Backless Prom Dresses

        Low Back

        If your back is your best feature and you want to bare it at your upcoming prom, you’re sure to love these open-back prom dresses from Unique Prom. These daring dresses feature dramatically dropped backs and otherwise modest shapes that create a gorgeous look as you exit a room. We also carry top brands like Jasz Couture and Mignon so you can be sure that each one of these stunning open back dresses is as high quality and flattering as possible.
        Our V-neck prom dresses feature V-shaped necklines and even lower V-shaped backs to go along with them. They come in a wide variety of colors ranging from soft pastels to vibrant primary hues and even classic, timeless neutral shades, and they’re universally flattering on just about any figure. Browse our collection of V-neck dresses with lace, sequins and wide, flared chiffon skirts to find the one that best suits your specific tastes.

        Unique Prom also carries cut out prom dresses that are a bit sexier than most open back dresses, as they combine a dramatic bare back with daring cut out panels. Although the back may not be entirely open starting at the neckline, you’ll certainly show a lot of skin with these open panels elsewhere on the back.

        Open back short prom dresses are perfect for the girl who wants to show off her legs and create a bit more casual look at the prom, while longer length gowns with open bags offer a more elegant, formal feel. We also carry dresses in a wide variety of colors to suit anyone’s preferences, including light blue, basic black and red open back prom dresses.

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