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        One Shoulder Prom Dresses

        One Shoulder

        Are you a devotee to the hottest styles? Perhaps a fashion-forward trendsetter that always stands apart from the crowd? If this sounds all too familiar, an asymmetrical one-shoulder prom dress is your go to choice for this year’s dance. Whether you’re searching for something short and sweet, chic and modern, or classically romantic, Unique Prom has the right one sleeve prom dress for you at a price that’ll knock your socks off.
        Hunting through racks at a department store for the one sleeve prom dresses is such a bore. They’re full of dresses that everyone else will be wearing. Thankfully Unique Prom has an extensive selection and a wide variety of one shoulder dresses at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Turn heads in a sequined high-low dress or shimmy the night away in any number of one shoulder white dresses with vintage appeal. Whatever your style, Unique Prom has you covered this prom season with a bold selection of one-sleeve prom dresses.

        With so many designer dresses by Night Moves, Mignon, and LM Collection and free ground shipping on orders over $150 our hearts are aflutter. Go on swoon lovely fashionistas, your penny-pinching fashion secret is safe with us. Now strap on those heels, grab your purse, and get shopping ladies!