Sparkly, Sequin Prom Dresses | Unique Prom
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        Sequined Prom Dresses


        You want a dress that makes a bold statement at a fabulous budget-friendly price. No need to stress! You can light up the darkest of dance floors this prom with a high-shine, sequin prom dress from Unique Prom. From soft and romantic sherbet pastels to lustrous metallics, Unique Prom has the largest selection of embellished and bedazzled sequined prom dresses in every silhouette imaginable.
        Fashionistas who swoon at the thought of so much glitter and glitz will love UP’s sparkling sequined prom dresses. Paired with simple neutral toned heels and a retro-inspired hair flower your look will shine throughout your unforgettable evening.

        Make your prom night a magical evening that you’ll never forget with a sparkling sequin prom dress from Unique Prom. With affordable prices and free ground shipping on orders over $150, you’ll look like you spent a million bucks at a fraction of the price.