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        Prom High Heels 2016


        Choose from over 100 prom heels to complement any gown at Unique Prom. Our selection includes the latest strappy sandals for a mature and fun prom style. We have everything from sleek across-the-toe sandals for a simple accessory to more intricate strappy designs to pair with a more simple dress to add a touch of drama to your prom look.

        Try an all-glitter pump for maximum glitz and glamor. These sparkly shoes have taken over the 2014 magazines and fashion show runways. Our all-glitter and platform pumps will complete your show-stopping outfit. Our peep toe pumps are the perfect choice for retro prom girls. Slip on these pumps to complement your vintage gown and accessories. If you are looking for more scandalous prom footwear, try Unique Prom’s ankle-strap sandals or a pair of lace-covered pumps. We also carry lower heeled sandals and pumps for a more comfortable and dance floor-ready choice.