Prom Sandals - Strappy, Sparkly Sandal Heels & Flats | Unique Prom
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        Prom Sandals 2016


        For a mature but still fun and feminine prom look, try a pair of Unique Prom’s sandals. Our prom sandals include intricate strappy designs and simpler options to complement every prom queen’s outfit and accessories. Choose from ultra-modern bright and colorful sandals or vintage-inspired nude designs to match not only your prom dress but your personality. Try the latest fashions, like our simple across-the-toe rhinestone sandals, which look like they came straight off the runway.

        For a more conservative prom style, try a lower heel sandal. These sophisticated designs are not only appropriate and classic but they are super comfortable. While your friends in heels are feeling sore and uncomfortable after a few hours on the dance floor, you will be ready to dance the night away. Our low heels aren’t the shoes you would find in your grandmother’s closet. These more comfortable designs pack tons of glamor into a sleek look.