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Under $150

You’ve got big dreams and a small budget, but that doesn’t mean that your closet has to suffer! We understand that a special occasion like prom, homecoming, or an upcoming wedding can be quite stressful on your bank account, which is why we’ve assembled a whole section of formal dresses for under $150. You’re sure to find the dress that’s uniquely you in this vast selection of gorgeous dresses, we’ve simply weeded out the pricier options to leave you with only the ones that fit with your budget. You don’t have to thank us; we do it because we like you!

Unique Prom’s prom and homecoming dresses for under $150 come in bright, feminine colors that every teenage girl will simply adore. These dresses feature all of the trendiest styles that will make you feel your most beautiful, and they’re accented with sparkling crystals, shiny sequins and layer upon layer of playful ruffles. Even if your budget consists of the money you make from an after-school job, you can still afford to buy your dream prom dress when you shop with Unique Prom.

In addition to our prom and homecoming dresses, Unique Prom’s under $150 section also includes dresses that are perfect for weddings, costume parties, cocktail parties and much more. Long, simple gowns are ideal for the bridesmaid on a budget, and they come in a variety of colors to coordinate with any wedding’s color scheme. Short cocktail dresses are made for parties and other social events, while elegant, vintage-inspired formal dresses will give you the retro look that you love at your next special occasion.