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        Cheap Prom Dresses Under $200

        Under $150

        If your limited prom dress budget is getting you down, there’s no need to worry when you shop with Unique Prom. We believe that it’s possible to create the prom look of your dreams without spending a fortune, which is why we created our gorgeous selection of cheap prom dresses for under $200. These fancy frocks only look expensive, and you can be sure that the actual price tag stays just between us.
        Our affordable prom dresses come in all of the most popular styles, from chic chiffon options to elegant mermaid shapes. These dramatic, floor-length gowns have a truly upscale look that’s only accentuated by rows of elaborate hand beading, glimmering sequins and other intricate details. They also come in colors ranging from deep, dark reds to bright neon shades and soft neutrals to accommodate any girl’s unique taste and limited budget.

        If you’re looking for something a bit more eye-catching, we even carry more modern styles that are perfectly on trend. Short prom dresses with knee-length hemlines will show off your legs as you dance the night away, while sexy cutout dresses and corset back prom dresses are perfect for girls with edgier tastes. Illusion panels, sheer bodices and uniquely shaped necklines also add more interest to the usual prom looks. Like all of our cheap prom dresses, these high fashion options are all available for $150 or less when you shop with Unique Prom.

        Dress to impress with Unique Prom’s vast selection of affordable prom dresses from designers such as Nina Canacci, Rachel Allen, Mignon and many others. You’ll even get free shipping on orders of $150 or more, which will make the entire ordering process even easier and more affordable.