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        Some brides may feel that less is more when it comes to their wedding ensemble, but not you, darling! Your love for accessories translates into your wedding day look, and you need the perfect pieces to accent your stunning wedding dress. Lucky for you, Unique Prom is here to help. Our vast selection of wedding accessories includes retro-inspired veils, gloves and hair clips that you simply won’t find anywhere else. If you want to create a uniquely vintage look that’s filled with the romance of decades gone by, you’ll absolutely adore our selection.
        To accent your hair just like the fashionable brides of the 1940s and 1950s, an elaborate floral hair clip will do the trick. Unique Prom carries hair clips with large, realistic gardenias, peonies and other types of flowers to add an extra feminine look to your wedding dress. Hair clips with scalloped veils create an edgier appearance that’s a unique alternative to the traditional veil, and they allow you to show off an intricate hairdo. Unique Prom even carries the netted hats and quarter veils that sit on side of your head, adding a look of mystery when you wear them over one eye.

        Unique Prom’s opera length gloves also add a dramatic flair to a retro-inspired wedding look. These satin gloves come in rich fabrics that feel wonderful on your hands, and they’re available in stark white to match your wedding dress. Pair these gloves with a bold red lipstick and satin pumps and you’ll look just like the vintage vixens that you so admire.

        Shop Unique Prom’s entire selection of wedding accessories to find all of those special little pieces that will set your bridal look apart. These authentic, vintage-inspired items will give you a truly retro style, and they’re available for the competitive prices that you’ve come to expect from Unique Prom.