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        Beach Wedding Dresses & Destination Wedding Dresses

        Destination Wedding Dresses

        Embarking on a destination wedding to a tropical island or a European getaway means that you’ll need a more unique wedding dress than the usual options. Lucky for adventurous brides, Unique Prom offers a vast selection of destination wedding dresses to suit any location. Short, flirty dresses are ideal for warm weather destinations when paired with a floral lei, wedge sandals or even worn barefoot on the beach. For an even more unique beach wedding dress, Unique Prom also offers floral print options and brightly colored wedding dresses in tropical shades of blue, pink and purple. Flapper-style frocks make the perfect wedding dresses for themed ceremonies or those held in exotic locales, especially when paired with long, silk gloves and 1920s-inspired cocktails at the reception. No matter where you choose to have your wedding, Unique Prom is sure to have the perfect destination wedding dress for any location.