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        Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses & Bridesmaid Dresses

        Vintage Wedding Dresses

        If you’re searching for a truly unique wedding dress to add a look of romance to your ceremony, there’s nothing better than an authentic vintage dress. Unique Prom offers a very impressive selection of true vintage wedding dresses from the 1950s and beyond, as well as vintage-inspired bridal frocks that recreate the looks from all of your favorite bygone eras.

        Well-preserved vintage dresses are truly one of a kind, and they’re filled with years of history that promise to make you feel your most special on your big day. If you can’t find a true vintage dress to fit your size or your style, there’s no need to fret; Unique Prom’s impressive reproductions offer the same romantic looks as bead-encrusted flapper dresses, swinging A-line frocks and even 1920s-style wedding dresses complete with matching bolero jackets. Rather than visiting the same bridal boutiques as every other bride, create a look that’s all your own with a vintage or vintage-style wedding dress from Unique Prom.